segunda-feira, 6 de março de 2017

Soulmates = You + Me ❣

God brought us together.. we are forever!  💞   💘

“I think the strangest thing that exists, is how there are seven billion people on the planet and yet, so many people can spend their whole lives looking for somebody to love and never, ever find that. There are so many things that we can find in other people— friendship, learning processes, enrichment— so many things, nevertheless, the most elusive and fragile of all the things we can possibly find in another human being, is love. To be the one that someone loves and for that person to be the one that you love. Why is this difficult to find? My answer is that, because out of the seven billion, there really is only one. You don’t find something and make it work; you find the one and when you do, you work until it works. The problem is finding the one. Many, many people are born and die never finding that.”  ― C. JoyBell C.

Thanks Lord for letting me find my other half!!😊   ♡  💕 

"I love to love you, baby...

When you're laying so close to me
There's no place I'd rather you be
Than with me here

I love to love you, baby...

Do it to me again and again
You put me in such an awful spin
In a spin

I love to love you, baby...

Lay your head down real close to me
Soothe my mind and set me free
Set me free

I love to love you, baby..."

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  1. You are my "one"... that's why I LOVE TO LOVE YOU too!!!! Love the song, my blond goddess...