sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2017

"Once you find it, it can never be replaced".

And it all started like this
Yes, I believe in magic... the energy from 2 soulmates...

I need your love, your body, your skin, your kisses, I want you so bad!!

Ok? Sleep well, my prince charming!

8 comentários:

  1. Wow!!! Pretty and Loud OK!!!

    "Destiny approached us, hobbies delighted us, chemistry attached us, passion bound us and love will keep us united forever!!"

  2. Hummm..
    De onde vc tirou esse texto lindo? Não achei no google..
    É isso aí.. assim assim!

    Bju meu amor!

  3. Ow... I forgot... how could I let the magic goes? The magic turns our love special every day... your magic keeps me passionate and crazy... LOVE YOUUUUUU!

    1. So, always keep this place inside our souls where magic grows deeper and sweeter.. alive! Let's keep spreading this pure magic of our LOVE!
      Sweetest dreams to my prince!

  4. Ta chegando a hora... o fim de semana vem chegando meu bem, e com ele o carnaval!!! Aeeeeee... loko pra te agarrah!!!

    1. Carnaval do seu lado é bom demais! E que seja doce, meu bem!
      Te amo.. e.. louca pra te agarrar tb.. grrrrr.. rs

  5. "

    Picnics, beaches, and ball rooms,
    Just me and my honey bun;
    Home-work they shout,
    Is over and out,
    Vacation's just begun.

    Far from the city, beneath a shade-tree,
    We'll spread a basket for two;
    Then we'll discuss the future for us,
    And I'll whisper love words to you.

    Just can't wait for that swimmin' date,
    To see your new bathing suit.
    It must be a "gas" 'cause one you had last,
    Gee! Was' it cute!

    So we will dance and bypass romance,
    Right now they say we're too young;
    But I shall (will) marry you my love
    As soon as you (we) reach twenty one"

    Thank you, my mermaid, for a hell of a week!!! Love your company and your friendship... and love from south to north, from east to west... passing through your downtown!!!

    1. Que delícia de se ler antes de dormir, depois de uma semana linda com você!

      Vou continuar com meus lindos sonhos que começaram no nosso ninho de amor azul!

      Obrigada pela companhia, pelo seu carinho, cuidado, amor e por me fazer tão feliz!