quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2016

You are the mate of my soul..

Darling, you make my soul shine bright, like the sun..  you are the dream that came to me when I'm sleeping, that makes my heart beats faster.  When we are close, my smile gets bigger, I can't contain my laught, it becames louder and my eyes shine brighter..

2 comentários:

  1. I LOVE YOU.

    "I don't mind
    I don't mind at all
    I don't mind to dream a while
    I don't mind at all

    Every night I'm only waiting,
    For the bird of dreams in me
    Take me on your wings and guide me
    Just take me on a journey far away

    I don't mind to fly away to dreamland
    The easy way out of a world so cold
    I don't mind to say goodbye to all I see around
    Only for a while

    Out in the dreamworld there's a fortune
    It's only waiting to be found
    I gaze around and I think this must be magic
    'Cause there's no limit all around

    I don't mind to stay a while in dreamland
    So come on now and take me up with you
    If together we would fly for all eternity
    I would not refuse..."

    1. And "together we would fly for all eternity".
      Love the song, babe.
      Love you.