terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

💮 Flowers 💮


Today you gave me these pretty roses!!!
It's not my birthday or any special day, my romantic valentine.. 
Oh, and no.. this'is not the first time!!
Whent I recognized you as the love of my life, 
I knew we math completaly, I knew there was A LOT of chemistry, and I already loved you before I kissed you for the first time (I knew you are the love of my life)... but what I couldn't imagine was how kind and sweet you are. 
I thank the Lord every day for our love and I want to be a better person, changing every day for you, for I can make you the happiest and most beloved man in the world (beloved you already are)!!!!
Yes, this is not the first time.. I'll keep all my treasure 'til the day I die.. 


2 comentários:

  1. You deserve the best, every single second of each day of your life!! And I don't want you to change... you must keep the kindness, sweetness, tenderness, happiness love, passion, guts... and other millions of qualities... you've got my heart and all my blasts and attention... I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

    "You ain't even gotta worry
    About a thing I gotcha babe
    And ain't nobody takin' me away
    It's not a game I'm here to stay
    Our love is stronger than any drug
    Addictive just can't get enough
    And everytime I'm with you I want some more
    Just close the door
    And let's explore each other

    Long as I know you got me
    I'll be loving u long time (as I can be)
    I'll be loving u long time (eternally)
    There's no stopping you and me
    I'll be loving u long time (as I can breathe)
    I'll be loving u long time (eternally)..."