quinta-feira, 4 de agosto de 2016

Come with me, to be wild forever!

My cat, you know my love for you is visceral. When my body touches yours, it's like a supernova spreading my essence with the universe.. Your heart is the place where I can feel the heart of universe, your love brings safety, warmth, strength, power, calm, adventure to my life and when we make love, oh babe, I can acess the entire universe! My half, how can our fate be so beautiful? 
Happy anniversary to us, I only wish this love gets stronger, day by day.

3 comentários:

  1. Wow... a supernova love?? wow... Your companionship and you love makes me happy... never doubt it! Our lives and our feelings are meant to be bound... you make me complete... Happiest anniversary to us... so far... (to e continued...) :)(:

  2. "I've been waitin for such a long time
    I didn't care there was nothin left to lose
    couldn't find the sense of my life
    until the day when you appeared

    from the moment you've entered my world
    you made me turn around
    and you stole my heart away
    but now you've gone
    my life's just dark and grey
    so here is what I say....

    when the sun comes down on you
    I'll be by your side
    (and ) when the evening's there
    you'll be my princess of the night..."

    1. WOW!! I love the song!

      You arms are my kingdom, anywhere with you, is my CASTLE!