quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2016

I promise you my heart

"You know you're everything to me and I could never see
The two of us apart
And you know I give myself to you and no matter what you do
I promise you my heart...

I just can't live without you and I want you to know
I need you like I've never needed anyone before..

I dedicate my life to you, you know that I would die for you
But our love would last forever
And I will always be with you and there is nothing we can't do
As long as we're together.."

Um comentário:

  1. My heart is already yours, my golden princess...

    "Light up my life - more than the sun
    my little princess - you are my only one
    so pure, so lovely - your deep blue eyes
    so innocent - your children's paradise

    Hold you - touch you
    I wanna live for you

    My little princess - you're the one and only girl
    I would give I would do everything for you
    my little princess - I would build a world for you
    oh its so nice - a children's paradise

    Can find no words for what I feel
    this must be true love, this love must be real
    when I embrace you I touch the sky
    in our fairy tales you let me think that I can fly
    I wanna live for you..."