sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2016

I miss you, my pretty angel..

My special love, I'm feeling so incomplete now..our bodies and souls are not made to be apart.. I need you by my side.. I've been waiting too long to have you, my dream, my poet and my poem. I can't sleep tonight, my heart is afraid.. I'm so scared.. I need you embracing me, holding me close, to feel your breath touching my neck. Please, babe, never let me go.. I'm thinking about all the wonderful time we spend together, all the hapiness, the passion, the light, the wild, I need to know that It's only the begining, that you are my fate, that we are one.. don't scare my soul anymore, my sweetheart.. let's  celebrate our love, stay close to me.

7 comentários:

  1. ...Shine, little star... be what you are meant to be... do what you are made for...

    Shine bright and illuminate the world around you...
    Be the lovely and beautiful girl you are...
    Love... because you are pure and only love...

    Thanks for making me a better man...
    Thanks for extracting the best feelings from me...
    Thanks for letting me love you...

  2. "...Baby, we were born with
    Fire n gold in our eyes, eyes
    With fire n gold in our eyes, eyes
    Got lightning in a bottle
    Hands on the throttle
    Even in the dust we shine
    With fire n gold in our eyes..."

  3. Your inner gold incinerate my heart with all the fire it spreads...

  4. "... Close your eyes, make a wish
    And blow out the candlelight
    For tonight is just your night
    We're gonna celebrate, all thru the night
    Pour the wine, light the fire
    Girl your wish is my command
    I submit to your demands
    I will do anything, girl you need only ask

    I'll make love to you
    Like you want me to
    And I'll hold you tight
    Baby all through the night
    I'll make love to you
    When you want me to
    And I will not let go
    Till you tell me to..."

    ...just unforgettable... your face, your body, your touch... they are all stucked in my mind and heart... our souls are one...

    1. "...The finer thing's in life
      I'll even take you on a carpet ride
      All across your mind
      And we'll fly across blue skies and crystal lights
      'Cause you're the twinkle in my eye
      Sometimes just lookin' at you makes me cry
      Oh, I, I thank you God for two lives unified
      You're the missing link that makes my life complete
      And, Honey

      Darling let me know
      If there's anything your heart needs
      I'll sail from sea to sea
      Just to keep you happy
      Just let me know
      If there's a dream you should ever seek
      I'll make reality.."

  5. The only need of my heart is you... only you may complete me the way I need...