quinta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2015

"Looking at you, looking at me
What a solid gold love, this could be
Something that I'll never know
Looking at you, looking at me
I see a bird of love to set me free
We can make it on our own..."

3 comentários:

  1. "There ain't a single day without you on my mind
    From the very start I knew that you are no kind

    And every passing day to come
    I feel I'm incomplete
    I need to have you closer
    To give you what you need

    I'd walk on broken glass to you
    To find out who really want me too

    Now, I'm all tied
    I tremble with desire
    I'm in for something real
    Now, I feel strong
    I know we wanted love
    'til I see you come my way
    And make you mine someday..." Sweet dreams honey...

  2. Que delícia, meu gatinho! =^.^=

    Sabe, um dos meus passatempos preferidos é passear pelas nossas postagens no blog, ouvir nossas músicas e lembrar de cada instante, cada emoção vivida.
    Bom demais o que a gente tem... único e especial!

    Good night, my dearest.

    PS: Did you mean "That you're one of a kind"?

  3. É.. hehehe... one of a kind... sorry...